Does eufy ever read, respond or act on threads

Does eufy ever read, respond, or act on items within the community? It seems to me that there is a huge hole in the security system; external motion sensors, external siren (loud enough and can’t be unplugged) and compatibility with IFTTT. The functions on alexa are also a bit rubbish, where trying to switch modes (alexa only has ‘stay’ and ‘away’, but stay doesn’t seem to coincide with any modes).

No. It’s a community forum. Sporadically they announce things and a while ago they did reply some topics.
If you want contact with them, email then at

Why would they when they have all of us to work for free?

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Weird company. Had many reach out to me personally… some sent me mockups for my thoughts… flew me out for a round table with their team. All under a strict NDA… but they all wanted input from real users.

Last company like this one was Garmin… they would not listen to anybody … so I trashed them on YouTube. 400k views suddenly changed their mind.

They only listen to “influencers”

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Unsure on how Eufy admins do it but as stated by @John0 the service department does give your info to their development team. I have been on the other communities and I have seen several changes based on customer feedback. (Take that for what it is worth)…