Do you trust Eufy's security?

I have several of the new 2k indoor cameras, a flood light camera, and their alarm system. I’m looking for feedback on hard evidence that Eufy’s products are not secure.

i trust Eufy to do what they can but as long as there is a web based element it it will not be 100% secure. As a mater of fact anything is subject to hacking as long as it has any connection to the internet. The fact they are just gettinf 2FA really deployed is also kind of telling.

The thing is most tech companies know important it is to prevent a hack and it isn’t a matter of if but when.


@Craig63 Unfortunately I 110% agree. The reality is they are about to get some really BAD press if they don’t fix just 2FA soon (note- there is legal liability also).

Remember we ALL have our camera’s through their severs. It is not actually local. They need to offer that as an option as well. If I am on my on network- I should have the option for an “Offline” mode. There is absolutely no need to go through their server when one is on their own network. I suspect many people would like to set it up this way (myself included). I have yet to hear a technical reason why this can’t be the case except so one can view it while remote. Well- I am ok to VPN to my network if I am remote. Additionally- in 2020 who is NOT at home the past few months? It would save them money to not go through their servers also and us a lot of downtime because their servers are DOWN. Plus plenty of security benefits.


The way i look at it is a compromise between our convience, our expertise and desire to maintain our own infrastructure, and control.

I work in IT, and have managed a bunch of servers. I even have my own server, and have it connected with RTSP to the 2k indoor camera. I have also worked with my company’s internal security folks and at this point have gone through several PCI security Audits. Good Security isn’t easy and if you think you can do better then these folks at home for most people you are probably wrong. Stuff changes so fast trying to keep up at home would be a full time job. The other issue is alot of advanced features reall need a remote server to go through.

My point about it not being secure is that nothing on the internet is. It is just a matter of time before some vulnerability is found and could be exploited.

An offline mode is also possible right now with the use of a few different software packages like Motion on linux to record or Blue iris on Windows. I will say this though, they are probably less secure then Eufy servers.


And RTSP on the indoorcam as an offline mode will cease to operate if the camera is rebooted without internet access. :frowning: