Do you see a person / pet ? Post your AI fails. What was the camera seeing? This might be fun ( or frustrating ). :-)

Person: Lawnmower on lawn service trailer

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Pet: plant with a shadow.

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Person: Side of lawn service truck

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Pet: shadow

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Person : Deer butt as it ate my tomatos this morning… grrrrrr


Person: Towel hanger.

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In most i sort of get it… your pic, deer butt and the bumper shadow I have no idea???

I hope nobody takes this thread as a bash on eufys AI. I am over joyed with how it works! Missed AI calls are FEW… and some repeat missed calls are stationary objects that I just move a bit and it stops.

Even the “BETA” pet detection on the wired outdoor cam is amazing! Deer, bobcats, coyotes… even dogs :wink: Love it.

As lifehackster said in his review of that camera… it needs vehicle AI. Add that and it’s almost a perfect camera. It even lets you tag missed AI calls so it can learn from its mistakes.

Keep up the good work on your AI Eufy!

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Solo OutdoorCam C24.
Every once and awhile it will detect this area as a pet. I don’t see anything resembling one, unless its catching that speedy chipmunk that has a den 3 Ft. away? but I doubt it.

A few more to add. It’s kind of fun…
Me and my pet shadow

My pet buck

Human step ladder

This one came through as a pet. It’s a mighty big one, what’s the camera A.I. LOL :laughing: think it is… A rhino?