Do you have 3d drawing for the wired/wireless doorbell Wedge

I have been looking for the doorbell now the one issue I see for use on another home is they would require a wedge for the doorbell as the entrance of the house is on the side. So basically those people will need a wedge that is 90degree or anything in between.
Now having a 3d printer in this case, helps, but would you guys provide any STL or 3d SCAD drawing.
This way people will have to option to print their required wedge if needed.
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eBay has loads of different angles wedges…

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Have you had a look on thingiverse?

Or you can do homemade one;

  • L shape galvanised steel part screwed to the wall
  • eufy plastic support riveted on galvanised steel L shape part.

Doorbell cannot be removed since riveted on the L shapre part and L shape part canmot be unscrewed since doorbell hides screws heads.

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