Do the eufyCam 2/2c/2E cameras buffer events if it cannot communicate with it's homebase?

I had assumed that the purpose of the battery in the Home Base T8001 was to ensure that if the unit was to loose its “mains supply” this would allow it to keep working and thus store event information until the “mains supply” was restored.
I wondered why this feature was removed from the Home Base 2 T8010 but was advised from a non official source that it didn’t matter if the home base was down as any events that occurred were stored in the camera until the home base was “back online” and the private wifi network was re-established…
Could I have this clarified

Easy way to test: unplug your HomeBase and go walk by the cameras, then plug back in and see if it show you. I’m curious about this also now that you mention it.

I have the HomeBase T8001 which has the battery backup so would have to wait for the battery to discharge (I have yet to find out how long that would be) to do a real life test hence my question