Discover our all-new standalone security cameras - SoloCam Series

Hi eufy fans,:smiley:

Introducing the all-in-one standalone SoloCam series: One Camera, Complete Security. Installable anywhere.

eufy Security is launching a new standalone SoloCam series. :clap:Let’s take a look at some of the key features:

SoloCam S40

  • Built-in solar panel , one charge forever (High conversion rate)
  • 600 lumen motion-activated spotlight
  • Color and brightness adjustable spotlight
  • Color night vision (up to 8m)
  • 90db siren and flashing spotlight alarm
  • 2K resolution

SoloCam L20

  • 600 lumen motion-activated spotlight
  • Color and brightness adjustable spotlight
  • Color night vision (up to 8m)
  • 90db siren and flashing spotlight alarm
  • 1080p resolution
  • 4 month battery life

SoloCam E40/E20

  • 2K/1080p resolution
  • 4 month battery life

All have

  • No monthly fee
  • At least 2 months of footage all kept under AES256 military-grade encryption(8GB local storage)
  • 100% wire-free
  • Advanced AI person detection
  • IP67 weatherproof
  • 2 polygonal activity zones
  • Two-Way Audio (8~9 meters long-distance voice pickup)
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa

eufy Security’s new SoloCam series allows you to check up on your loved ones from anywhere in sharp 2K clarity.

Click the link below to pre-order now and get a FREE Indoor Cam 2K (worth $39.99) or a coupon worth up to $30.:beers:


UK:Pre-Order SoloCam Series - eufy

DE:solocam-preorder - eufy


So still no starvis sensor
It’s been asked if these support homekit & rtsp
Also do they support onvif or any others?

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I like the one with the built-in solar panel. Looks a bit big from the pictures so we’ll have to wait to see what it looks like in reviews.
Hope it will integrate with homebase 3 despite being ‘solo’.


I just asked support if they were compatible with Apple HomeKit and the response I received from CS rep Jordan was:

no only our eufy security app

I think they’ve missed the mark with these products? Especially not making them connect with HomeKit.

I mean the new design looks great but won’t this create slower internet speeds with your router due to multiple individual cameras connecting and not just 1 home base?

It would be great to be picked for product testing but there’s just no option anymore for this?


I’m not sure why Eufy is going the solo route when they encouraged the homebase units for a while. You know…everything secured inside your home, etc.

I’ve always like their hardware and these cameras (especially the one with the solar panel) look real nice. I also noticed these cameras no longer promise the long battery life (365 days). I’m guessing they wanted to get brighter lights for color vision at night and to have individuals set up their cameras super easy via wifi with no homebase needed. At least that would make it super easy to take anywhere…even traveling.

I’m still waiting for a floodlight that records 24/7, similar to their Outdoor Cam 2K Wired Spotlight.

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VTo be honest, the design looks great. Probably the camera’s are great. But not good enough to expend my current setup, because these camera’s doesnt have Homekit support and arent able to connect to the HomeBase.

I want to arm and disarm all my products by 1 click! Not individual…


I like the solar version, no need to worry about taking it down for recharge (even if it 3 times a year)

There is no reason to not support homekit with any further cameras. I’d love the solar cam. I’d order at least 2 right now but without homekit it’s a non starter for me.

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FYI, I chatted with support and they did say that these cameras will support RTSP / NAS recording.

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Really like the look and design of the solar camera… also love the idea of not having to recharge it 3-4 times per year

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Love the solar camera so I never have to worry about battery life!

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So much this! Integrate and make compatible with everything possible and you will reap the fruits of your labor!! All of the stuff needs to integrate with HomeKit and additional home base units need to be able to connect and unify with the main homebase and I’d like to be able to view all of my products from one screen.
You guys almost have the perfect solution that everybody wants whether they know it or not and it’s those few things that are holding it back in my opinion!
Do these things and I assure you that you will become the leader in the space very quickly! You have to remember people have spent and devoted thousands of dollars man hours into their home security already at this point. And the big three have sorry spent billions ensuring nobody is knocking them off of their little ecosystems anytime soon and I do mean Google home Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit . You guys arent going to reinvent the wheel are you? At least wait until you have huge market share from your great products to turn around and try and make your own smart home app ecosystem whatever! Lol

We don’t simply want to throw those things we already have spent time and money on in the trash however we went to integrate them with shiny new things and when we do that then we get to see how good the new things work - which makes us want to slowly upgrade the old things. (Or sometimes quickly depending how good your product is)

But when it doesn’t work nicely with the other old things that we already have existing it just makes us want to throw it in the trash or hit the return button on Amazon. Which for products with the potential to be as good as yours are would be a waste in my opinion!

These cameras look interesting, and it’s great to have options for people who don’t want to buy into the HomeBase system, but I really wish eufy would integrate its product lines and support HomeKit consistently.

I’m fairly deep into the eufy ecosystem with 2C cameras, wireless doorbell, floodlight cameras, security system, and a Pan and Tilt camera. While the individual products are mostly pretty good the fact that they don’t work together is incredibly frustrating.

I don’t see why integration couldn’t be enabled via a software update - even if the standalone products can’t communicate directly with the HomeBase it could be done via the cloud.


Nice new cameras

Looks great, but unfortunately they don’t fit into our smart home without HomeKit support (and HomeKit Secure Video)