Disconnecting homebase 2 by intruder

So hypothetically speaking, if an intruder gets in the house —> alarm goes off —> he finds/unplugs homebase 2 —> runs away with it.

Is it game over for me? Recordings are gone? Alarm is shut off?

Let me know if I’m missing something! New user…


Yes that is definitely a possibility, that why you have to hide your Homebase well and never tell to anyone where you have hid it. Additionally, to save your recordings you can use either/or:

  • Eufy cloud storage service
  • Manually make frequent backups of your video’s on your phone/computer
  • Create a RTSP om Eufycam (no idea how to do this don’t ask me) :joy:
    I can not stress enough that you have to keep security system details secret. If a would be burglar doesn’t know which system you have, it would be very hard for him to know how to disable it. That why I personally do not use the stickers that Eufy gave me, instead I use a more generic camera warning sticker (pic related)

As for the alarm, I think the camera’s themselves also have an alarm. So at least when the steal your Homebase, these will go off. However, I am not sure for how long the camera alarms will go off.