Disconnect from HomeKit

Hello everyone. Like 3-4 weeks ago or so i notices don’t cams all disconnecting from HomeKit randomly in the middle of the night for an hour or two. Gradually the time increased until they simply no longer connected. Today I finally had time to troubleshoot it. Checked the app - up to date. Cams and home base - firmware all up to date.

Checked on Apple to see if it was a HomeKit issue, said I had to delete my whole home and readd all the devices. I do this and the locks I have add no issue. Homebase 2 is saying I already have it added to a HomeKit so it has to be reset. I reset it, readd all the cams. Everything had and still is working perfect in the eufy app. Now the homebase is audibly telling me, and it wasn’t before, that I have to reset it again to try to add it to HomeKit.

Anyone else have this issue? I saw it was an issue with iOS 14 a while back but I’m on iOS 16.2.

Thanks in advance.