Disarm/arm on a schedule

Hello. New to Eufycams. I actually bought blinks on prime day then saw a good eufy sale so I’m returning the blinks. In the short time I had the blinks I was able to have them disarm before I leave for work then arm again so I didn’t have useless recordings of myself coming and going. Lookin at scheduling in the eufy app I only see home and away as options for scheduling. Would I make a custom mode(just thought of this while typing) and set it to disarmed/armed?


you could set up a schedule with a custom mode, but may i suggest using geofencing instead.

You can make custom modes, but I think the Home and Away modes should work and you would just have to customize what devices you want to enable/disable for each mode. There is also a built-in configurable delay time when coming and going. In each model you can select how you want each device to operate while in that mode.

For example. You may want any indoor cams to not record or notify while Home, but in Away, you would want notification and recording of anything detected inside. It’s really configurable. I added a keypad by the door so I could switch modes without fumbling for my phone.

You can also schedule the behavior of your devices based on time if you like.

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I was going to play around with geofencing as well… Couple questions on that…

  1. I would want it to disarm as I arrive home(I have a 1/4 mile driveway so I guess I would set the circle to somewhere on my driveway?) so I don’t get tons of recordings of us arriving.

  2. I would want it armed when home unless we are outside obviously.(I live in the woods and A. like to see what wildlife is lingering around, B. I have a blind end of my house on my garage side where I can’t see if visitors/or non visitors arrive on my dead end drive). I occasionally get people coming up and turning around(there’s windmills behind my house and I think they think the lane leads to them most of the time…

  3. I don’t want a recording of us leaving every morning for work but want it armed when we are not home obviously…

Would Geofencing work for this? Or would scheduling work better? Or is a combo possible like Schedule disarm at 6:30am, leave for work and geofencing arms system, then geofencing disarms as I come up my driveway, then either schedule arming again or manually arm when I want/need at home…

Thanks for the input!

Geofencing will do most of what you want, but not all.
For 1: should work just fine with the circle at the right spot
For 2: geofencing would be too rough for that, movement area would be too small. Suggest using the app to switch modes or get a keypad when no phone around
For 3: that can only be done manually. As said, geofencing’s radius is too large for this kind of movement. So again, use the app for that or a keypad (one button press and its done).

The thing with scheduling for me is that oftentimes you don’t go out the door at exact the same time. So it will always be hit or miss, depending on your departure time… :confused:
You could of course manually change to geofencing when you leave the door.

Geofencing doesn’t work for me.

I tried to… leave the house and once I got all the way off my property… pull over and arm the system from my phone. This worked for about 2 days.

I want the “leaving delay” ( this delay only snoozes the alarm currently ) to include all device triggers and recordings… giving me time to leave. Oh and give me 900 seconds at a minimum. But unfortunately… they never asked me.

Would this leave my home completely unarmed for 15 minutes??? Yes it would and hallelujah!