Disarm all cameras?

Is there any way to disable all reports/notifications on all cameras, without having to do so individually?

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You can disarm all from the home base by choosing the disarmed mode on the app. You can also set new modes to customised what you want.

“In the APP” you can disarm cameras individually. “In that same APP” you can’t disarm all cameras (wired and battery) as a group.

They should be ashamed.

On that same note: ARM/DISARM all cams in app with one click should be highest priority. It’s clear the people designing this thing don’t use it in real life.

Disarmed: one click to set all cams modes to disarm at once

ARM: one click to set all cams in app to a default mode set by user. This would be a mode that ALL cams and homebase currently have (away, schedule)

Schedule would be my selection as you can set that any way you want for any camera.