Disappointed with indoor 2k

I bought one to try out and it is underwhelming. The video lags the action quite badly, and is’ so choppy. And it is continually dropping the feed entirely.

I notice the red LED turning blue quote often as well.

Maybe there is a fix for these problems? Not sure if I should return it.

Honestly, I’m surprised at this. None of my video is choppy at all. Are you using a decent SD card? If not it could be an issue. Also make sure you are getting a decent WiFi signal to your camera

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I am having the same problem with choppy video. I have a a very good connection to my WiFi. I was using a Samsung Pro Endurance 64GB microsd card and it was still choppy. Any idea what could be causing this or is the camera defective? I have the Eufy 2k Indoor camera along with the WYZE Cam v3 and a Blink Mini all in the same window, to compare the 3 different cameras and the Eufy is the only one of the three that the video is choppy on. Video is smooth on the WYZE Cam v3 and the Blink Mini.

I picked one of these up. I get a little glitch where the 3 sec preroll attaches to the video. Other than that video is solid. ( and I love the preroll ). I just picked up a second one. Acts the same. I will say that the 2k cams go offline a bit more than my outdoor cams . They seem to have the offline thing under control on the outdoor cams right now ( knock on wood )