Disappointed Homebase 2 max 16 sensors

Very disappointed that the homebase 2 only allows a max of 16 entry and motion sensors combined. My house and most others have more that 16 entrances to include windows and doors not even counting if you want motion sensors in the house. I read that the homebase 1 allows up to 32 sensors which is ideal. Seems like it may have been an oversight and mistake going from 32 to 16 sensors. I believe only being able to have 16 sensors makes the ecosystem fail to be an adequate integrated security system.

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Not sure why, but this guy has posted the same bogus information on at least 2 reddits and here.

Homebase 2 allows for 34 sensors plus 16 cameras with the latest firmware.


Nice I just purchased this eufy cam2. They are great and one is at least 70 feet away from homebase2 full signal strength.
That’s great you can add 32 sensors with cams.

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Sorry for coming off disappointed but for some reason I can’t add more than 16 sensors. After digging into this issue I found that Eufy responded to a question on Amazon and they state 16 sensors max. Trust me, I wish I was bogus about this.

Have a homebase2 and firmware up to date

Looks like I am wrong about this. I haven’t gotten to the sensor limit yet, so was going by the info on the comparison table. Apparently at some time they changed the firmware to prevent more than 16 sensors from being added to a homebase 2. I wonder if anyone with older homebases like Homebase E and Homebase 1 have ever tested this limit.

All good. Seems odd they would reduce the number of sensors from 34 to 16. I was shocked when I saw that 16 was the limit as in my opinion this is really low. I am going to call eufy about this Monday and will let you all know what they say.

this is a non issue, if you need more then 16 just add a second homebase 2

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I disagree, this is an issue and eufy should allow more than 16 sensors per homebase if they claim to be a security ecosystem. Adding another homebase is expensive and doesn’t allow you to control all your sensors at once. They clearly had the capability of more sensors but for some reason they went down to only 16. In my opinion this is huge disappointment from a “security” company. I am sure ADT or ring let you use more than 16 entry and motion sensors. Eufy should fix this.

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when 90+% of your customer base requires less then 10 sensors and or cameras then why? if you need 30+ sensors in your system, that system is already a large investment. adding a homebase is not going to break the bank. most of the 2 camera kits that come with a homebase 2 can be had for less then the the cost of 2 individual cameras. i think it would be more important to the vast majority of customers that the “16” limit be stable and function properly. if eufy is going to work on something, work on that.


If 90% of customers use less than 10 sensors then I would argue that most customers use eufy purely for their cameras and not as a wholistic security system. Unless 90% of customers live in a place with less than 10 doors and windows and use no motion sensors. Sarcasm aside, the homebase use to have 34 max sensors and they cut it in half. That is what I am frustrated about. Additionally they market themselves as a security ecosystem now and even offer monitoring services so I would expect to be able to use enough entry sensors and motion sensors to cover my house, as I would believe others would too. Ring allows up to 100 sensors…

If it had 32 and 16 now sounds like money issues.
I just found the censors on sale at Amazon for $19.99
16 is bungalow type houseing

yes, eufy is in this segment to sell camera systems, and door locks. motion and door sensors are an afterthought (very low margins).

Yep, definitely have buyers regret. I am new to security systems. The low cost of eufy indoor cameras and the no need for monthly fees attracted me. I think the indoor and outdoor cameras are great, especially the outdoor ones. I rarely use the indoor cameras and mostly utilize their motion sensor capabilities, plus the fact i have to switch security modes manually for each indoor cam. Eufys lack of a true integrated security system is noticeable as I learn more. I am not trying to bash them but buyers should be aware before spending $1000 plus thinking this will be on par with Ring or ADT. If I was going to do this again I would not go with Eufy. Eufy makes great cameras but cameras alone are not a security system.

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before you give up on eufy, you might ask the community if they have an extra homebase 2 laying around they would sell. since the 2nd homebase 2 connects to the master homebase 2 it would give you the ability to use 32 sensors. alot of customers have 2 or 3 extra homebase 2s that came with the extra cameras. good luck!

For me in principle a second home base 2 isn’t the big issue. However they do not link to each other, thus requiring TWO keypads to switch the security mode.
I have 20 door sensors, a and a 3 cam set. So when I found out about the limitation on sensors I purchased the starter kit with keypad, motion and 2 door sensors with a second homebase2.

Very bad surprise when I found the usefulness of keypad, but it could only control just one system.
Very unhappy right now and my wife recommended to return all the stuff - luckily purchased via Amazon.
I raised a ticket on it, but it seems eufy plays for time and asking my patience. I really hope they pick it up, extending number of sensors.

Homebase 2’s are available new on eBay for aroung $75. You can even purchase an older pre-owned Homebase E or Homebase 1 and use one of those to control all your 34 sensors.

I wouldn’t count on Eufy changing the number of sensors on the Homebase 2. They reduced the number of sensors on Homebase 2 for a reason and you don’t normally drop an advertised capacity for a product unless its something that a software change can’t fix.

That said, there is nothing to prevent them from solving the problem with Homebase 3, where they can add hardware to fix some of the existing issues and wishlist items.

Agree, needing to have two keypads to control two home bases is such a turn off and lack of functionality. Luckily four of my sensors are on windows that are opened only a couple time a year so I plan to keep them constantly armed,

I spoke with a manager at eufy today and they were very receptive however they stated there is no plan as of now to increase from the 16 sensors…

I love my outdoor eufy cams but the limitation of 16 sensors and some of Rings other security like a panic button, smoke detector, and their homebase having a battery and cellular back up makes me wish I did more research before heavily investing in Eufy.

Cameras are great and theft sucks but stuff can be replaced. However, entry sensors with a rock solid homebase are what matters in the middle of the night if someone is trying to get into your house through a door or window.