Disappointed - clip start and end

I have a couple of new S300 3C camera connected via Wifi to a HomeBase 3. Cameras and HomeBase have the latest firmware and are all close to my Wifi router. HomeBase is also connected to an ethernet port on my router.

No matter how I configure Working Mode (Optimal Batterly Life, Optimal Surveillance, or Customize Recording with the longest settings), recorded clips either have a late start where a person is in the middle of the image or the person is still moving but the clip ends to soon.

Is this typical?

Yes. The cams use PIR detection and that has to wake the camera to start recording. This is a common issue with battery powered cams. In critical places I use a motion sensor to trigger an automation that will wake the camera before someone gets close. Now, even the quickest delivery guy gets full face shots as they approach my porch. This is dependent on having somwhere to mount the sensor that will detect a user early enough to have the camera fully awake and recording when they approach.

The other workaround is use a powered camera that doesn’t use PIR detection. Those cams can record 24/7 or use pixel detection and they don’t need to sleep.

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Thanks for the explanation and quick reply. And it makes sense.

As an average educated consumer of these types of “security cameras”, having incomplete video clips due to technical limitations isn’t common knowledge. Unfortunately we learn, after purchase and installation, of these nuances which causes frustration.