Disappointed by the 1080p battery powered Video doorbell I recently bought

So, I recently bought a 1080p battery powered Eufy video doorbell, and I have to say I’m disappointed… Unless somethings change over the next few weeks, I’ll be returning this doorbell for a full refund. Before I do that I’d like to discuss my issues/requests with this doorbell:

Let me start our by saying that I had REALLY HIGH HOPES for this video doorbell after performing tons of research and watching multiple reviews online before buying it. As a renter and budget minded home automation enthusiasts this device’s advertised: Google+Alexa integration, wireless basestation (with inbuilt microSD card slot), battery and locally powered AI detection features totally had me sold on it (as I HATE being forced to pay a monthly fee for storage and things like people detection). Alas, after a few days with it, I’m sad to report it does not live up to the hype IMHO. Let me explain below…

Some background as it relates to my automation setup at home, experience with the IOT smart home, and intended use for this doorbell:
I’m very budget minded, and do ALOT of research before adding any new equipment to my home automation setup. Until recently, I only used Google Assistant (ie: smart speakers, a smart screen and Chromecasts) and Wyze (ie: cameras, smart bulbs, plugs and sensors) smart devices in my home. After we had an incident in our neighborhood in early December I decided it was time to get a video doorbell, and started doing research on existing video doorbells.

Now, before I bought this video doorbell I decided to give Amazon and it’s Echo line a try to see what they offered in the form home automation (something Google sadly lacks IMHO). So I bought a $10 Echo Flex just after the holidays from Amazon, plugged it into an outlet with the express intent of using it to only drive home automations between devices I already own from various manufacturers, and started making routines. I have to say, the week and done change I’ve owned my Echo Flex has been a revelatory, and has really opened up my eyes to how lacking Google and it’s closed ecosystem are! Excited by the things I’m now able to accomplish with only a $10 Echo Flex (that plugs directly into a wall outlet) and the existing gear I already own (like making the Flex play a message/chime whenever a Wyze Contact Sensor is opened/closed) I started looking for an open video doorbell system that integrates with both my Wyze gear, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa home setups, that also allows users to use events/activations to trigger routines…

After watching tons of videos and reading tons of online reviews I settled on this Eufy video doorbell.

Soooo, after a few days of use I’m disappointed… Why isn’t better Alexa routine support built into this doorbell? Why does it only support doorbell button presses when it comes to Alexa routines? Why can’t I trigger Alexa Routines using the advertised AI events (ie: people, animal or motion detection)?.. For the record my $20 Wyze Cam 3 allows me to use people detection and motion events to trigger Alexa routines, while my $25 Wyze Cam Pan also allows me (without having to pay their monthly fees, albeit through Wyze’s IFTTT applet. BTW why doesn’t Eufy have an IFTTT applet?!?) to trigger routines (like say a porch light turning on when triggered)… IMHO this is a servere oversight on Eufy’s part, and totally unacceptable from a device that costs over 4X more than Wyze’s own $30 video doorbell offering which I know can do these things…

Also, why can’t I remotely trigger an audio alarm on the camera’s speaker if motion is detected? What if I only want alarms to play on the camera, to say scare away potential burglars or trespassers, vs the basestation so it doesn’t wake up my sleeping newborn at night?.. IMHO, again, this is totally unacceptable from a $140 device.

All in all, I’m extremely disappointed by the lack of Alexa Routine support on offer from a $140 video doorbell that advertises “open and free” features to customers, yet fails to deliver on them in any meaningful way… At $140 Eufy really needs to put in some effort into making it easier for consumers like me to use advertised features to make my home more secure using my existing and pre-purchased home automation gear, regardless of manufacturer…

So, unless Eufy has plans to release an update for this video doorbell that addresses the following in the next month that allows this video doorbell to better support the following I’ll be getting a full refund:

  1. Alexa Routines

  2. IFTTT via an applet

  3. Integration with other manufacturer’s smart home gear through Google Assistant and Alexa

  4. Play alarms through the doorbell (rather only through the wireless chime basestation)

I hope my requests are seriously considered, and integrated at some point, as Eufy seriously needs to support advertised features and functions in meaningful and useful ways if it wants to stay competitive in the home automation and security spaces with customers like me (at this point these spaces are very mature, highly competitive, and that’s without even getting into the fact that expectations have significantly changed and increased over the last few years from an interoperability perspective).