Disappearing footage

I had a random stranger at my door today. I was home and immediately played back the footage from 2 cameras on my phone app. I have gone back to play them again and neither are in my playback list. Is it possible for the footage to be jammed/remotely disabled. It seems odd that both recordings have vanished. Any ideas?

Check the date at the top of the playback screen. I’ve had issues where I needed to manually select the correct date to show the footage I needed, the app only showed the correct date in events after restarting it.

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What Nick says happens to me, too.
In another case, do you have someone else also connected to the homebase, like a family member? Perhaps they have deleted the clip.

I did wonder if it got deleted accidently. I’ll also try a restart. Thanks for the replies.

That would be a first for me, if it did so on its own.
What homebase firmware version do you have?

@Antjam3 this happened to me, I was looking at the live streaming vs recorded video, is that the case?

I was just watching live stream and I took a video of something I have no idea what it was it was a ball of light bouncing up and down from my boat to the top of the carport like a bug that can’t escape. And I went to look at my video and it’s nowhere to be found ? How can that happen?