Disabling outside access

i installed an EUFY pan & tilt camera in my home. Everything works. However, I wanted to make a simple test, I disable wifi from my mobile phone and check if I was able to access the camera. I was hoping to NOT be able to see the stream, but instead I was.

In fact, for greater security, I DO NOT want to be able to access my camera from outside of my home. I want to VPN to home and from there be able to see it. I couldn’t find a way to disable it. Seems therefore that Eufy is pushing the stream to their servers and then forwarding it to me. I really don’t want it. Is it possible?

As far as I understand what’s happening, the camera feed is sent to the Eufy servers so their AI can determine what the movement is and then notify you accordingly.
There is no way to change this.

The AI happens on the cameras not Eufy servers. When Eufy authenticates it sends metadata to their servers but not the actual video stream. That stream goes directly from either homebase or camera to your viewing device. All Eufy does is furnish the address and encryption keys so the stream can be decrypted. I have verified this with several network tools and Firewalla.

There is a way to disable the internet access for your system. The best writeup I have seen of that is actually on Reddit. You need to be somewhat network savvy, but its doable with a little patience.

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