Disabling Geofencing

Hi all I have searched the forum but cannot find out how to remove the geofencing settings that I had set for myself and partner because I prefer to manually activate system when away and to deactivate when coming home. I do not want to rely on geofencing to do this but cannot find out how to remove these setting so would appreciate it if some kind soul would assist me in doing so. Thanking you in advance…Trevor

When you have opened the app and you are at the Home Screen , at the bottom there are a few buttons . One of them is security, select that one and you should see the option to disable geofencing on the right side of the app. Hope this helps

KenRad thank you for your reply and all I did was as you said got to security re-select home and it looks like the geofencing has been disabled so thank you once again

Every time I click to open geo settings, an iPhone pop up comes up telling me where to go to enable geo settings…
And no matter what I click, I can not access the geo setting settings. The page just closes