Difference with cloud storage?

Hello I am wondering why we would need cloud storage on the Eufy Indoor Cams if we have a MicroSD card?? Would they not work just like the outdoor cams? I’m a little confused.


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@jls4wheeler This is exactly why we have these forums! We all as consumers do not really ever get a true explanation when eufy implements new features… MORE communication of features would be great and much appreciated have a great day :v:t2:

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Yup! All I want is Eufy to explain why they did this.

Having both is very nice.

On board micro SD card storage is faster, and it’s nice that it’s removable if need be.

Cloud storage is nice, because you still have any incriminating video evidence even if the camera and/or MicroSD card get stolen (by an intruder or something).


I see however my cameras are up high so I don’t think they will get stolen. I don’t really want to pay for cloud storage but, maybe in the future I will. Thanks for the explanation!

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Hey Guys! Thnak you for sharing your thoughts on the eufy IndoorCam :slight_smile:

To address your concern, we recommend using a class 10 high-quality SD card like our eufycam system; the largest card our IndoorCam supports is a 128 GB SD card.

The good news is the Homebase connection will be support in June/July.

Due to the IndoorCam support the 24/7 recording, so we are working on the cloud storage feature incase there will be some user need to access the cloud service for their daily use.

The eufy IndoorCam also support the NAS. Hope this information helps. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Thanks again for your support! Have a nice day!

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Great thanks!

I have one too and wondered that as well. I think it is because if the camera gets stolen then so does the SD card, but if it is syncing to the cloud, then you still have the footage to report to the police with.

  1. Cloud storage setup
    Is this functional at this time? I have not found any way to configure cloud storage.

  2. Homekit and HomeKit Secure Video
    Is there an ETA for this support?

Thanks in advance for the answers.