Devices keep disconnecting

One week ago I have installed a home base2 with a doorbell (wired) and two cameras. The systems was working fine for about a week. Since Saturday it is basically out of order. All three devices keep on disconnecting. Hitting the refresh bitton doesn‘t do anything.

The homebase is connected via cable to the router. Doorbell and both cams are outside about (2-4m) from the router and homebase. I can dismount the devices and reconnect them right next to the homebase. Soon they disconnect again.

I am pretty frustrated and habe no idea whatbO can do. Any ideas? BTW, on Saturday I did not change the router or the overall setup.

Looking forward to getring some help to fix this soon.

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I have exactly the same issue.
My system was working perfectly during one month but now since few days the 3 cameras are disconnected or may be more the Homebase I don’t know.
I changed the settings between wifi and wired but it’s still the same.
When I restart it work one time and after no…

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Are there any other smart home devices operating with a wireless network? I have heard stories about multiple wireless devices causing connection disruptions.

I have the same problem. It all started with the new software version. Cameras always disconnecting, homebase often not available. Wrong or no alarm. My system worked more than 1 year before that last software update (App- IOS, Homebase).
So Eufy fucked up the latest software.

Did it start last weekend? For usbit started on Feb 19th. I have a sonos system operating in the same house. Not whether my neighbors use other smart home devices. Any how, I also assume that a software update etc. messed up the system.


A smooth operation for the first week since installation, starting last Saturday, all three devices – the wired doorbell and two cameras – have been constantly disconnecting. Even after hitting the refresh button, there’s no improvement, and the problem persists. The homebase is connected via alight motion 5.0 cable to the router, with the doorbell and cameras positioned just 2-4 meters away.