Device offline, odd IP address info

I bought my folks an Indoor Pan/Tilt 2k camera. They’ve been struggling to get it set up, and eufy customer service isn’t responding to them.

The big problem is that the device is constantly showing as “offline” even though setup is apparently successful (or “sessessful” according to the camera’s voice prompt). The camera is connected to their home Wi-Fi network but is offline in the app and is unable to download and install the > firmware update.

We’ve split their home network into separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to rule out Wi-Fi band-steering issues. That didn’t help. There’s nothing unusual about their Wi-Fi login info, either.

I’ve tried logging into their Eufy account remotely. The camera is definitely associated with their account, has the custom name they assigned it, and is associated with the correct Wi-Fi network. What’s odd is that the IP address associated with it is not a local (192.x or 10.x) one. It’s associated with a “DoD Network Information Center” somewhere in Ohio.

Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips? This is maddening. I’ve spent hours on the phone with them trying to get this silly camera online so they can keep tabs on the dog. I worry that they’ve got a dud.

Can you temporarily disable your 5gh/z network, and remove then re-add the camera?

Also are there any other Eufy cameras on the network that still work?

The 5GHz network now uses a completely different SSID, so disabling shouldn’t be necessary.

They have removed the camera from the app and run through the setup process about a dozen times. Each time it says that setup is successful but the camera appears as offline.

There are no other eufy cameras on their network. This was their first-ever “smart” device. The only devices on their home network are two iPhones, an iPad and a desktop.

How’s strong is your internet signal ? I had offline problems with the Cam2 when my download rate was less than 1Mbs , then changed to another router and now running 6Mbs and the Cam2 is on line now.Run speediest to check your download speed.

Could you write the IP address for us? Thank You

The Wi-Fi signal should be strong — the camera is literally 20’ away from the router and has direct line of sight. Internet speeds are fine, too. I think they’re on a 20Mbps cable plan with Comcast.

I’ll send your message to them and have them try to run through these steps. Thanks.

Sounds like the router is out of available IP addresses and the camera is self-assigning one out of the normal range which leaves it inaccessible. See if you can bump the DHCP pool size.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility, but I really doubt that’s the issue. As I mentioned, there are only maybe 5 devices on the entire network. You’d have to deliberately set the DHCP pool that low.

Just wanted to note that we got to the bottom of the issue. My folks were using an Xfinity voice modem that has one-click security settings. It was set to “Highest,” which prevented pretty much anything other than Web (80, 8080) and e-mail (25, 443) traffic from getting through. That could be why were were seeing the odd DoD IP address. Once that was set to “Medium,” the eufy camera connected and everything was good to go.

Lots of praise for Eufy customer support during our troubleshooting. Their instructions were a little too vague and complex for my parents, but they really went above and beyond by shipping out a replacement camera.