Detection Zones

Security Flood detection is horrible. We have ours installed on our warehouse (height about 15ft) We have the detection zones mapped out accordingly. Our issue is they do not detect anything in those zones until movement is about 5ft from the sensor which is 15ft off ground. We have tried to increase sensitivity to only get false alarms when there is literally nothing there to trigger. This is becoming very irritating as we got rid of our Ring security flood for this and it does not work. We went with this because there is no fee to save video to phone but now looking back we should have just paid the money to have a working security flood. Either fix your detection zones with firmware or something or purchase better components that work and offer replacements to people who have already purchase these products. People purchase security camera’s for 1) protection 2) a piece of mind. So far neither of the those 2 reasons have is what I have with the flood and worth the $199.00. $50 more and $3 a month for service is what i should have stuck with. Picture shows the zones, if you draw a line from the middle of the dumpster across to the building that is where the detection works and sets off alarm.


I have the same issue with my Eufycam; I get notifications about motions outside of the activity zones all the time. When I walk into the zone I get no notification untill I’m about 2 meters close to the camera. It’s almost like the zones are the wrong way around, it detects outside of the zone and not inside the zone.
I really would like an statement from Eufy on this topic as many people seem to have the same issue.
This is where the zones are:

This is where the notification reacts: