Detection statistics no longer work

Detection statistics has stopped working on eufycam 2c since recent firmware/app updates
Only “used days” work

Total detected events/False events/recorded count all 0 or stuck at old values.

Please fix - cannot see if AI is actually working

Saw your post and thought I’d better check on my 2c cameras and thankfully all stats, days worked events detected/recorded are still being logged.

youll find only the days increment. all other stats are static.

support acknowledged its broken and needs fixing.

I have 2 systems, at different premises. same issue

Well mine is fully working, the figures have changed for the notifications today, so I guess according to you its broken!

Mine is the same, detection statistics not working, stuck at zero. I also feel as if the motion detection is not
working as well as it used to and also that the batteries seem to drain quicker.

Possibly an android thing. Maybe Iphone is ok?

Same on android and iOS .All recently charged cameras are stuck on zero . Only one cam charged maybe three month ago still shows detected/recorded events but stopped counting long time ago.

Exactly same experience. Detection is now hit and miss, they recorded when they want .