Detection problems

Anybody have any ideas why my doorbell detects my wife going and returning from walking the dog, detects my son going to work but does not detect the postman walking up my path in a bright red coat, standing at my door while he sorts his post and then walks back down my path all within a one hour time space.
Does this happen to other people as well or is my doorbell faulty?

Happens to anyone that has a Eufy doorbell. It’s hit or miss and Eufy doesn’t care. As seen by the amount of complaints on the forums and no response by Eufy.

I have the exact same problem
Only installed it on Tuesday
Have the wired version

Is it best just to return & buy. Ring instead

That’s what we are thinking of doing

Mine seems to detect what it needs to (in addition to everything else). For now, I will keep it until a solid HomeKit doorbell comes out. Right now Logitech is the only one and even that one has overheating issues.

What’s interesting is, this is a crowded space but not really. It’s weird.

This getting annoying, is a useless “smart” doorbell, and eufy doesn’t care no motion detection, no events record, no door lock Integration working…