Detecting non-human Motion only

My outdoor cameras are all set to human detection only, but for the past couple days they are detecting and notifying for just motion only and they aren’t picking up on human motion. I can stand 2 feet away and wave my arms and get nothing, but a leaf blows by and I get notified

It did just now catch me waving my arms, but I have walked past several time. Plus my cameras are set to Human Only, so I should be getting all these motion defections without a person

Try switching your cameras to detect all motion, back out nd close the app. Then go back in and switch it too human detection only and see if that works now

I just tried setting my cameras to detect all motion. I restarted the homebase, and exited the app. I then reset the cameras to human only and they are still detecting all motion, and they are also detecting motions outside my activity zones

@Rebecca22 is your HomeBase 2 using an ethernet wire to the router or using wifi?

How are the cameras wifi signal strength?

thank you,

Ethernet with excellent signal strength. I have had these 3 cameras for several months and they just started doing this