Detected Events/Recorded events reset

Under Power management and Detection statistics, the working days, recorded events and detected events reset 2 days ago. Anyone know why that would happen? Nothing else seemed to have changed. No updates since March 11 when I installed it. Do they reset every 2 Months or so? Thanks

They normally reset after you charge the battery.

Yes they reset after a charge. I’m having serious issues with Eufy as my detection statistics are not showing up. It’s been 74 days and eufy have not taken it seriously and keep getting told each week that it’s being looked at. But all they do is develop new things and forget about the existing products. Forcing to buy better to fix the issues. Well I’m not going away Eufy and I will get it fixed.

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@Fir253 Ditto, they are more concerned about pushing out new products, and fail to correct their legacy devices in a proper manner (time).
Push out an app update for their new devices so that they can work and the outcome borks our legacy devices. :person_facepalming:

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I tried to get help because mine has stopped saving videos. Gave me odd advice, then said to send them a video of the problem??
I liked my camera but I guess it’s time for a change.