Desktop/Laptop support

We desperately need a desktop app that displays live fred for all cameras at once for our small business


I second this wishlist… It would be nice to access stored videos off homebase with the desktop computer. It is connected to the same router, so I’d think it would be an easy solution. Please Eufy… bring this out for us!


this is such a no brainer it should’ve already been done, cmon Eufy

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The only way at the moment is by using an emulator like Bluestacks and add Eufer security to that. Some operations though are not as slick as a dedicated android phone.

Just open …

That site is completely useless. You literally can’t do anything with your cam. Can’t see events, can’t download them, can’t control the cam, can’t change settings, can’t do anything but occasionally stream low quality video the 20% of the time it actually connects to a router sitting only 15’ away! We need a proper stand alone Windows Program to do this thing right.

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I agree that the web portal is mostly useless. I am able to check events but that is about all I can do. The live feed is horrendously non-functioning and I have been using Wyze because theirs actually works but their cameras have a smaller field of view. I work in front of a desktop for 8-10 hours a day. There is no reason that I should have to drain my phone battery to watch something I should be able to login to easily enough and see what is going on when I get any notification on my phone.

Not sure about windows… But there’s a eufy security app on the Apple appStore.
I agree, the web portal is junk.!