Delayed response when trying to view the live feed

Occasionally when I get the notification that “someone has been spotted” at the outdoor camera and I want to view the live feed, I would see the “preparing to play” notice and it takes a while to connect – sometimes it does not connect at all.
My base is very close to the cameras thus I don’t think there is connectivity issue; as it works fine most of the time.
Anyone experiences the similar delayed response?
Thank you

I just got 2k indoor.
live view is a 1min delay.

My Wyze is 1 second delay.

Not sure if there are settings to improve.?

I found the problem.

Eufy App has defaulted “Auto” in Video Streaming setting.
App is unable to determine the streaminf bit rate. so it is just keep trying causing delays.

Just set it msnually.

Eufy should remove the “Auto” and just leave
4 settings

2k (full)
Medium (480p)
low (360p)


Hi. I can’t find the video streaming setting. How do I get there from the app? I have the 2C cameras. Thanks.

Open Eufy App
My Device
select the camera
click video quality

there are the settings

Unfortunately this setting doesn’t appear in the Android app. I’m using the Eufy Cam 2.

The Video quality settings don’t exist in the Android app anymore for any of the battery cams. They still appear for the indoor cams.

My battery cams take between 2-4 seconds to display live view. My indoor cams take 1-2 seconds. The lag on the battery cams is mostly due to waking the camera and buffering to start recording. Since indoor cam are powered, they can be awake all the time. The other part is the connection between your homebase and your phone. Your upload connection to your ISP probably determines most of that delay.

I’d try speedtest and see what kind of upload speed you get. Eufy specs 2Mbps, but thats pretty low. Ideally, it should be 4 Mbps or higher.

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I have 2x eufycam 2C and 1x eufycam 2 Pro. Video streaming quality option is only on available on eufycam 2 Pro. I am using iOS app and confirmed this on both iPhone and iPad.

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