Delayed notifications

Notifications in the Eufy app are quite slow Since the latest updates (Homebase, EufyCam firmware updates).

Earlier I used to get the notifications in a few seconds. Now, sometimes it takes about 5-10 minutes. Which is pretty useless, since I cannot react to whatever is happening.

This is on a Homebase E with mixed eufyCam E/C/2.

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Worst case notifications in the middle of the Xmas season for me was 5 seconds. Normal is 2-3 seconds. I am on homebase2 with camE’s, 2Cs, and sensors. Your times are not the normal for anyone I know using Eufy gear.

It might not hurt to reboot your router/modem and hombase and see if that helps. If it doesn’t get any better, contact support and see if they can help. I have have had better luck emailing than with phone or chat.

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That’s good too know about the emailing being more efficient in getting an answer or talking to someone lol I’m actually super glad that I had read that. Thanks😁