Defective product - bad customer service

Installed the doorbell over the weekend. Audio on the doorbell is defective. Customer service is showing technicality of warranty even though he admitted to be defective from day 1. So much for standing by your products and customers. Bye!

Really??? I call them out on all their nonsense… but product replacement is … or was?.. many times their answer to everything. This is new.

Can you elaborate on this?

What was the technicality with the warranty? This makes a big difference regardless what company it is.

I waited too long to install the brand new product, past 1 year warranty. Product simply did not work out of the box.

Oh wow… you lost my sympathy


understand. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that’s within Eufy’s right to deny any request for a refund or exchange, especially after their year warranty has expired.

I agree with @chefrd they are usually pretty quick to replace a product…as long as it’s within the their time frame. And I can say us two individuals are pretty vocal when it comes to Eufy’s shortcomings, lol. However being objective in this case, there’s not much that can be done, other than to see if they can give you a discount on a new product, but no guarantees…and I’m not sure you’d want one anyway. You can also sell the item or gift it to someone in need.

I’d suggest in the future, with anything electronic. Open and try it out quickly. You can always put it back in the box if you don’t plan to use it right away, but at least you know if it works properly OR if it’s a lemon.

Thanks. I understand their viewpoint. I’ve dealt much better customer service from companies in similar situations. Eufy is no where close based on my experience.

@chi861 I AGREE that their Customer Service is below par on several topics. Too many canned or generic answers. Sometimes what they’re stating makes no sense to the original questions or concerns. I’ve given up on their “service” a while ago. Best of luck moving forward.

It’s their call. They’ve lost me as a customer. I had plans for cameras and other devices. Some one else’s gain.