Dark mode for Android app

I’ve seen several YouTube videos in which a reviewers open the eufy Security app on their Apple iPhones, and the app is in dark mode. I don’t see a dark mode on my Android app. I have dark mode enabled in my system settings, so any app that supports dark mode can automatically enable it.

Last night I was awakened in the middle of the night and checked the app to see what caused the noises and triggered my backyard cameras. The white app background is especially harsh in the middle of the night.

I would like dark mode in the Android app.


Any news on this … My partners iphone has had dark mode for ages yet still no dark mode for android … Surley this should be a standard thing as most apps now have both - @Mengdi … any news would be great

As I learned, Android has size limitation of the installation package size. If we apply dark mode, we will have one more set of pictures, which makes the installation package oversize.

The development team is solving this question. Let’s be more patient.


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Any news on this? @Mengdi

Still waiting on dark mode setting in Android app.

any news on this?

Any update on this?
I would like this feature on Android. All apps now days should have both light and dark mode. Evemn google has said that.
There’s plenty of apps that uses more space than what uefy security uses, so not sure what you on about installation size?

my votes.

do you know Gmail below Android10 won’t have dark mode neither.?

I’m on custom roms on my Android device to have newer android version. So i don’t see how that’s relevant. I see how it’s annoying but maybe update Android to at least android 10?

One other option is to use DarQ to force dark mode on Eufy Security now. It works but a native solution would be preferred.

This is ridiculous that there is no dark mode. What year is this, 2010?


It really is a shame. Where is dark mode?

Yeah what’s up with that? Dark mode please for the eufy Android app… Even this community’s forum has an option in settings to allow you to switch it to dark mode.

September 2022 and still no word on the dark mode. Pull your finger out and get this implemented. The light mode use of colours is a pain in the arse. Colour blind people find the writing too faint to see. Make it bolder. And Ffs just implement a dark mode before we’re all dead of old age.

I saw a screen shot of the app in Dark mode and have been looking for it for some time in the Android app. Now I know it must have been a screen shot from iOS. Other then that, the device is a big step up from my Ring that finally died. Although I agree the white background is horrible. They say they are limited by size container with Android. Its over 100 MB already. Maybe cut out some of the ads? Its more then a little bloated. Surely this can be streamlined to include dark mode. Please make it happen. Been over a year this thread started.

If you enable developer mode on your phone, i found out that using the option that forces dark mode on all apps works with eufy on my device.