Customize Recording Refresh Additional Options

Customize Recording Option Addition:
Currently 5 seconds is minimal refresh time and I would like a 1 or 2 seconds refresh option and start recording another clip if motion is detected…


Amen. I want 0 delay as an option.

I’m fairly certain that 0s used to be an option, but for some reason has been changed to 5s. I wanted to set mine to 0s. If you are using the app, and tap the ? on the top right of the power management page, the help section also talks about being able to set it to 0s.

Even 1 secs would be much better, really hope this is implemented. Arlo is set to 0 or 1 secs.

The kickstarter said they had reduced it to 0 delay as requested. They went back to 5 for a reason. If not battery life then perhaps to give the system a few seconds to process before starting the next recording as it has a habit of choking when multitasking.