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Hi All,

I’ve had Eufy products for a while now and been pleased with theirperformance. On the back of that, I recently ordered additional Door and Motion Sensors direct from Eufy.

Unfortunately they were damaged in transit and here’s where the problems starts. I noticed the order was damaged from the Tracking link Eufy sent me. Amazon had marked the shipment “Undeliverable, Damaged return to shipper”. I then contacted Eufy, supplying screen shots of the Tracking and asking when I’d receive my order as they had to resend new items.

Since then I’ve confirmed to Cherry, the only Customer Service Agent Eufy seems to have, anywhere in the world from posts in this forum, my order number and address a few times. Each time asking when I’ll receive my new order, but this is a question Cherry seems to avoid.

Has anyone had a similar experience and knows how long it takes Eufy to resend an order, or how to get Cherry to answer a direct question?

Many thanks folks.

Yes, I had a similar issue but I bought directly from Eufy through Aliexpress. One (very expensive Cam2) camera had a faulty battery which cannot be replaced. :unamused: I made a claim & got no response. A month later they refunded a few dollars for postage & closed the request. :pensive: It seems there is no warranty support which is illegal here in Australia. :frowning:

@philhowells I’ve had Nina and Daisy in the past. But most of my responses have been from Cherry. Unfortunately, I do not believe English is her first language, because each time I’ve interacted with her she doesn’t quite seem to understand my concerns. Her canned answers don’t match my original comments, or she addresses something I didn’t bring up, LOL!! In my experiences it’s been a waste of time. :man_facepalming:t2:

What I wouldn’t do to get Nina or Daisy!
I’ve had another quality reply from Cherry and at least they are sending a replacement order, but it’s going to take up to 10 business days.
If I ordered the same items from Amazon now (10:50am), they’d be with me later today. Even if I ordered them direct from Eufy again, perish the thought, they only take 5 days!
As good as their products are, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

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