Custom recordings -retrigger interval setting?

I have the 2C pro kit with each camera acting as a trigger for each other. So if motion is detected at one camera, both cameras start recording.

I’m missing segments of events (due to motion being at a standstill or slightly off camera) and I want to extend the length of the recordings to try and record as much of an entire event. For example someone walks to door, but then once they get to the door they are slightly off camera and not moving so recording stops …then a minute later it records them walking away but I miss recording the entire conversation/event when they’re at the door since there was little movement taking place.

I’ve looked at the custom recording settings but the settings don’t make much sense to me. Can someone explain what the “retrigger interval” setting does?

I think what I want is to record for a minimum of 30 seconds, and if motion is still detected towards the last 10 seconds of that 30 seconds, it triggers it to extend recording for an additional 30 seconds (1 min total for the entire event). Is that possible?

So would I set clip length to 30, and retrigger interval to 20?

open to other suggestions on settings to use as well… I’m starting to think I may have been better off going with a wired 24/7 recording system instead.

The re-trigger interval is how long it takes for the camera to start recording again after a recording is finished.
So in your case, the camera would record 30 seconds, do nothing for 30 seconds and then start recording again for 30 seconds.
The minimum re-trigger interval is 5 seconds for the eufycam, so there will always be a gap of 5 seconds where nothing is recorded.

You cannot expect 24/7 recording from a battery video camera.

Oh…ok, I thought maybe it was a motion detection ‘delay’ from when the camera was first initially triggered. Seems insecure to leave that long of a gap between motion events. Guess I’ll just leave it on the surveillance mode where at least it catches most of the motion events, even if it’s only small segments.