Critical alerts for iOS

Please add critical alerts for iOS. It’s already available to app developers.
It would allow camera notifications to come through even with do not disturb turned on.
My whole family uses do not disturb when we sleep so calls and whatnot don’t wake us up, but we would still like to be notified if someone is in our yard.


Yes please!!

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I would like the same for android… using a Galaxy S20 and there is not way to add this app to the exceptions.

This is a must have feature.

Someone accessed my rear yard last week and checked the back door to see if it was unlocked at 3am.

We only knew about this when we woke up as the blink camera notification was silenced by DND mode.

I switched to Eufy this weekend expecting HomeKit support to mean I’d be notified promptly.


I am missing this function as well. Since we use the doorbell for security purposes as well, you want to be informed at any time of the day. I am surprised that this is not standard functionality, since the function is available since iOS 12.

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I just purchased eufy and thought it was great. This is the first night of setting up and now I’m thinking what on earth are the developers thinking by not implementing this simple critical alerting. Your competition such as Ring do this. Please don’t make me send my kit back and order from a competitor.


I need to add my voice to these thoughts. I definitely need to have critical alerts supported so we can be alerted of any break ins taking place.

I agree. Would be really nice!

Thinking about this since iOS14 and watchOS7.
It‘s a must have now!

I agree: when I do not sleep at home, I do not want to be awake by non critical notification but if somebody got into home, I want to be alerted even if I sleep.


Yep, very good idea!

Yes, this is a great idea!

Just purchased my kit and installed it today. I’m really surprised to see this feature not be available. I don’t want to be woke up at 3am from an email notification but I sure as heck want to know if someone is spotted on one of the cameras. Come on folks… this is a critical function.


Yes this is important for doorbell rings too - our bedroom is far enough away from the chime and we are both pretty deep so sleepers, so it’d be great to get emergency doorbell rings on our phones / watches


please let us be notified in DND and also please let the chime play on google home!!!

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Totally surprised that this is not already in the app…PLEASE add it asap. This is critical to getting alerts during the night.

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I didn’t find a way to allow notifications from “eufy Security” app at iOS with Do not Disturb mode as well. A security system without notifications at night is useless, please add this feature ASAP, it can be a blocker for many new customers to purchase your products.

Is there any workaround until you add it?

Some details:
eufy Security app v 2.2.4_623
iOS 14.2


Hi Eufy,

This is clearly a critical thing for all your products. We have had things stolen from our front yard, i want to know when someone is there!!!



This is very important! Please implement!

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