Crackling static noise eufy 2c pro

Hello, we own three eufy 2c pro cams. The first two came with the base and work great. We purchased a third and it had crackling static noise on all playback, streams, recorded and clips. So we sent it back and got a new one. This one is also having the same issue. Please help. I have tried resetting it. Why can’t we add a camera that doesn’t make staticy crackling noise? Planning to return this again to amazon if it’s not fixed soon. Thx.

I don’t have an educated answer… but a thought. Eufy had to rebuild the guts on several cams due to shortages. Now… don’t know if that’s yours… but the fact even your replacement does this and the original 2 are acceptable to you has me wondering.

Just a thought.

Ok… a second thought… did you put the replacement cam back in the same spot as the first with problems ? I just assumed someone would have already swapped places with a working cam to eliminate location from the problem.

Yes we tried all different locations. Thx. Great thought about the rebuilt cams. That’s what it sounds like. I’ll give a few weeks for a miracle and then return. Maybe try a cheaper blink and compare quality. $120 bucks this thing should work really really well. We don’t need the speaker or the alarm. Just a basic camera that doesn’t have a constant static sound

Good luck with the miracle! You cracked me up. Look at the firmware build on your cams…should tell you volumes. Good luck.

Wow!!! Yes the two cameras that work well are 3.8.1 and 3.8.4 and both up to date. The camera that has static is 5.2.7 and up to date. It also doesn’t pick up motion as well. In fact, the camera that works the absolute best is 3.8.1!!! 3.8.4 works slightly less responsively. What is going on at eufy?

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Oh… bingo! Looks like we have a winner! Glad we figured it out. Not sure how one would find stock of the older gear… but I would want to stay with Eufy for the homebase simplicity. Well… the homebase …Homebase friendly side of Eufy… ugh.

I don’t blame Eufy at all for switching gears to keep up production in a crisis . This is no easy task to drop an odd motor in your car. Trouble is expected. That’s the job they were given.

What do I blame them for? Well… … … I have an extremely long list…