Corrupt SD card repair

I have a 128GB card about 80% full that suddenly started showing a message that it needed to be formatted. A nice surprise is that when clicking format there is a ‘repair’ option.

But its stuck on this ‘Preparing to repair’ screen. What am I doing wrong?

I need to backup the footage, as a precautionary measure, I spent another $70 on recovery software, but it only retrieved about 60GB of files. It should be closer to 80.

I would just get another sd card

If about 80 percent that is about 100g.
Did you let it finish the repair? Did that give a message? Did you stop the repair?

I have not had to recover much but 60 out of 80 is good on a corrupt SD card. I agree I would get a new card vs a format on a corrupt card.

Thank you for letting us know this issue @Leslie8!

In order to further assist you, we will have the engineering team to quickly look into this case for you.

Please send an email to, and also provide us with:

  • Your Homebase serial number
  • Your eufy account
  • The app version for your eufy Security app

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting you taken care of as soon as possible!

I think Eufy is managing the sd card via internet. not local.
thus, when card has less than 0.9 gb free space when eufy server failed to eliminate the earlier events or segments, the app said it is corrupted.

If You delete several days of bevents , you will have no problem.

I kept seeing yellow sd card logo even I have 0.88gb

Eufy needs to update their sd card management module.

I have new endurance card when this happens.

It is Eufy setver problem in my opinion

It hapoens again.
To fix

  1. reboot Camera
  2. goto app, events and delete s a few early dayd recordings. I have set continuous , so I delete a few days.
  3. now tge camera is happy.

Eufy shoukd fix the sd card storage management.

I have new (6 months) endurance 64gb card.

btw, it is a 2k indoor.

Why is Eufy firmware can not managing the sd better?

Cheap dashcam does 100x better.

I am having the same problem and really wanted to keep some of the clips but had not got round to downloading them. Does anyone have a non destructive solution? I have tried inserting the card to be read on my computer but it doesn’t find anything

the fikes are encryoted by Eufy.

Try take out yoir card.
reboot (unplug n plug) camera.

put your sd card back.
wait a minute
check the playback.

hopefully you can see the files. if not , it is toasted. need a reformat.

Had similar problem.
turns out the sd card slot hold down metal case has one leg cracked sokder joints. sd card got lifted causing intermittent contact.

causing gaos in recording