Continus recording

How can I program my Eufy indoor cams to make them record continuously in stead of after it has detected something?

@B_t7 It’s under “Settings” -> Continuous Recording. Then turn it on.


Thx for the reply. I have that switched on but it only records 30 secs after sound or motion detection. That means it usually misses the sound or motion because we never see any sound or motion.
The recording is programmed to start 0 seconds after detection.

So that is why I want to record continuously. I want to see or hear what causes the detection

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@B_t7 Normally the wired cameras have a pre-recording of 3-5 seconds to show what triggered the event. However, if you have continuous recording on, then I would check your Playback and scroll back even further.

Yea thats right, but unfortunately the app does not probide a feature where when ur looking at ur alerts and preview clicks u cant press a button to jump to that point in time in the playback mode so u can see more in your continus recording. It be nice so i dont have to search for the time and play it

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@dar1286 Agreed. Accessing older footage is not the easiest and requires the user to scroll through the video to find the exact time…sometimes needing to expand the bar to see more details in the timeline. It would be nice to have an option to select a specific time with the date for more efficiency.

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Our cameras do not record continuously although they are programmed to do so.