Continous power and CVR for weatherproof cameras

This is a ? but also possibly a request.

Is it possible to power these cameras continously and maybe enable CVR on external camears. The cameras i currently have enable certain features enabled if they are hardwired to power. It really improvieds reliability and pickup of motion as well with a 3-4 second look back. If we could enable CVR on these cameras we would have.

So far i have really enjoyed the 2k indoor camera. It has been pretty good once EUFY got past the log in issues last week. This means I could easily replace my internal cameras, but i can’t replace the outside ones as long as they don’t have a 3-4 second look back. It is clear that motin detection issue which is related to battery and PIR motion detection is just as prevelant on Eufy as my other cameras, but being hardware wired to power corrects that for the ones i have now. It would be nice to only need one app for all of my cameras.


Sorry, are you saying that hardwiring to power on the eufycam 2/2c makes the motion detection a lot better?

What I was asking was in comparison to my Arlo Pro 2 and Pro 3 cameras. Since the Arlo Pro cameras they perform differently depending on if they are running off battery or continuously powered with the battery being a backup.

Simply put when running on continuous power they use pixel based motion detection with 3 second lookback. They also enable continuous video recording, though it is a subscription service. I think there are a few more theings that turn on as well.

At the very least it would allow the cameras to pick up more motions if the outdoor cameras here had the similar 3 second lookback. That seems to be a pretty big complaint. It wouldn’t help much for cvr though as there isn’t enough space on the base station for that from what i can tell.

I am asking because frankly though i think the Arlo cameras have been pretty good, i am really impressed with the 2k indoor camera and if Eufy could match the Arlo usage for outdoors I could see myself migrating all over to Eufy. 2 of my 3 battery powered arlo cameras are on continuous power because of what it enables. For Eufy to make sense for mw to switch over it would need to match that.

For indoor usage right now Eufy is winning hands down from perspective. The built in CVR is a game changer. I suspect the video isnt as good as the Pro 3(by a very small margin) but then you also have to figure the cost savings. Heck the Eufy will paybfor itself in 4 months just by eliminating the $9.99 subscription fee for CVR that Arlo is asking for.

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I would like an Eufy Camera that can be plugged in and have 24/7 recording!


Gotcha thx. I’m definitely wanting to go AC-wired on outdoor cameras with look back instead of waiting for battery cameras to wake up.

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