Constant Audio hick ups in live feed, also after reset and updates

Made a new post, maybe it raises more attention.

The audio on the live feed is unusable. I am very angry with this, becasue it did not used to be like this.
Also, I recommended this bell to several friends and family who now all are disappointed in my advice, and right they are.

When I answer the doorbell from an external location, its nearly impossible to have a conversation. The audio drops continuously. Its like a very constant half second of sound and half a second of silence. So very ennoying!

Dear Eufy: I have done the full reset and the devices are all updated. My signal is very strong and the homebase is not very close to my router. Please fix this, or, in any case, let us customers know in this forum that you know about this problem!!!

If you have the same isseue, please leve a response under this new thread…


Yep, same here. Extremely disappointing live audio performance in an otherwise quality product. Time for a cautionary Amazon review.

Yes… I have the same problem. floodlight camera is the worse… garage camera is bad also… doorbell and backyard camera bearable. I think all the Youtubers that I watched got paid to race about the audio and picture quality.

Yes… I have the same problem. Not nice understand the Problem but I still looking for Solution how is it Possible?

I’m going to give it the rest of this week before I return it.