Connection delay when responding to doorbell ring

Whenever anyone presses my doorbell, I get the quick notification saying someone has pressed the doorbell, but when I click to respond/view the cam love so I can speak it always takes about 3 minutes before it lets me connect. By this time the person has left. The first attempt it buffers and fails to connect to the device, the 2nd / 3rd time it eventually connects.
I wonder if this is because the camera is already busy recording the current live event and can’t cope with me connecting while it’s still processing the recording of the current view.
I’ve tried to lower the quality settings and record length to see if this will help. Anyone else have this issue?

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Mine does this too, I’m going to have a wild guess and say it’s because we have the wireless doorbell? Other than that I have no idea why this happens but yes it’s frustrating because whoever it is have gone or broken in already.

Having the same problem. Lower quality setting doesn’t help.

Starting a video from the homebase is super quick and smooth. But live view doesn’t want to start when the doorbell is pressed.

Someone got a solution?