Connecting Eufy battery doorbell to existing doorbell wiring UK


I have just tried to setup the battery doorbell connecting it to the existing doorbell wiring. When I turn the power breaker/fuse on the existing chime just keeps ringing until I turn off the mains power. How you I get this working so that the battery is charged using the mains power in the uk?

I installed mine last week without any problem - it charges and operates the existing doorbell. I had an 8v transformer with a ding/dong type of doorbell (ie with two metal plates and a striker). When installing the Eufy battery doorbell there were two options to choose from to work an existing bell - ding/ding or electric, or something like that. Have you chosen the right option for your bell? Is it in the supported voltage range (8v - 24V AC).

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I think my chime is not compatible, it is a friedland e851. What chime have you got? Is there a list of compatible chimes?

Mine must be 25+ years old - no idea of the make. There’s no list of comatible chimes - just the supported voltage range. Have you tried both the chime setup options? Mine needs the Mechanical setting not Digital.

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Got it working today. My chime was a digital one and not compatible. It was a friedland e851. Replaced it with a mechanical Honeywell Ding Dong D117.

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Hi Everyone who reads this / Bhavinnp,

I am in the UK and have an existing doorbell chime that doesn’t seem to work when I attach the existing wires to the eufy wireless 2K doorbell.

I am going to buy the honeywell D117 as Bhavinnp on this forum suggested.

Can I ask everyone / Bhavinnp, do I also need a transformer as well? Or will the transformer within the D117 unit be OK?

Finally does the Honeywell D117 chime when the eufy doorbell is pressed?

Thanks once again to anyone who can help me.


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