Connecting doorbell to alexa

Has anyone tried to connect their battery doorbell with Alexa? Alexa wants me download the eufyhome app which is different from the eufy security app, either way it doesn’t work. Any tips?

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I was able to connect Alexa to my Eufy Doorbell by using the EufySecurity skill which you can find within the Alexa App. Click “more” on the lower right corner then choose “Skills and Games”. Once that opens, search for Eufy at the top and you will see all the Eufy skills. Select the “Eufy Security” skill and enable it.

This will connect Alexa with your Eufy account and App.

The skill has a low rating but I’m not sure why. I was able to connect easily and create routines based on the camera motion. (Alexa can greet people or ward them off at certain hours). I take it further by activating a custom water jet setup that removes people from my porch. Keep in mind that the Alexa app says “when motion is detected” but if you tell the Eufy app only to notify based on people detection, then the Alexa routine will only work when it sees a human. This is perfect for security.

Hope this helps.

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It might be more PC to have alexa turn on your lawn water system that just happens to haver some jets pointed at your porch. LOL

I got this to work but I had to do something beyond enable the eufysecurity skill. I think I had to also teach it a doorbell routine. I also disabled the 4 digit disarm PIN as for me Alexa set this up as an alarm, not as a doorbell and initially couldn’t find the device, although I am not sure I had to do this. This is the first time I have ever used Alexa and was amazed that my old, never used 2nd gen Echo show worked with this…

Ha ha. Yeah you are probably right about the lawn sprinklers being aimed incorrectly. :innocent:

That’s strange that Alexa thought it was a security device. Hmmm. My concern is that it may limit you for future eufy rollouts. You know…when the system is actually ABLE to boolean between known people and unknown. Right now, the only thing that the facial recognition does is send a notification stating ‘user-x’ is at the door. I would like to see more control with this feature because my family is tired of getting wet! LOL!

You might want to consider removing the doorbell from Alexa and starting over. I assume you added the doorbell to the eufy security app then you linked Alexa with the eufy app. Then head over to the Alexa app, install the eufy skill then go to devices and have Alexa scan for new devices. It should show up as a doorbell.

It is amazing that Alexa is supported on the older dots. I get so many for free. They are fantastic for security. They can bark like a dog or play a special audio clip…like a shotgun racking….make a routine that activates when eufy doorbell sees someone on the front porch and have Alexa, in the male voice, make offensive statements. In the same routine, you can have it turn on certain lights in the house (mine are red) and announce “a stranger is on the front porch. All doors are secure.” then my gun safe pops open and my echo Show15 displays the perpetrator.

All of this happens waay after hours only. Don’t want to offend the mail carrier! I live in a rough neighborhood and it’s going downhill fast (all drugs are legal here. Unreal!)

Anyhow…I digress. The Alexa routines are powerful. If you can imagine it, it can be done.