Connecting digital chime to Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered)


I’m a electicien from The Netherlands. Does anyone know if it is possible to connect a digital chime on the Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered). If that is not possible, can I measure the voltage somewhere in the circuit with a PLC so that I can see if the doorbell has been pressed? Or could I do something with an 8V relay somewhere in the circuit?

The transformer can supply 8V or 12V.

Thanks for contributing ideas!

This should work just as with a normal doorbell.
The app has options to set the signal duration for a digital chime.

I tried to connect the system today, but the digital chime rings permanent.

Maybe you need to add some resistance so the chime will turn off. It probably doesn’t load the circuit enough to reverse bias the triac switch in the doorbell.

I think you will have the same problem with a PLC input because it doesn’t load the circuit enough.

Do you know what type of resistance i can try?

Just off the top of my head, something like 20 ohms. You probably need a 5 watt resistor to prevent too much heating. The doorbell draws about 500 ma. when ringing the homebase chime. You might want to get an adjustable resistor and measure the current of your digital chime to fine tune everything.

That is a very good thought. It also seems like it should be possible to communicate a signal over wifi if you have a PLC or similar in the circuit (or maybe a raspbery pi would make more sense).

First of all, thank you very much for thinking along and the solution! I have now solved it with a 56 ohm resistor in combination with a 12V AC relay.

The 8V AC transformer supplies 12V AC without load. That’s why I used a 12V AC Omron relay.


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And a picture of the relay an resistor:

I know this is an old thread but I would like to do exactly the same thing with my new Eufy E340 doorbell. The voltage to my chime is 16V.
Would the orignal pister or anyone who knows how thus works be kind enough to list the parts to use (including the details of the PLC) so i can replicate? Ideally i would buy off the shelf parts and assemble them myself but i dont mind having to do a bit of soldering if needed.
Thanks a lot!