Connect wired Doorbell to Base

Why IT is Not possible to connect the wired Doorbell with the Base Station?

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The wired doorbell doesn’t have the communications protocols to communicate with the homebase. It was meant as a standalone device that only uses wifi.

I’m confused. My wired doorbell can be purchased with a base unit as an option. I chose no base unit since I already have one.

This makes zero sense. Nor was there any indication of this flaw when purchasing. I’m just spent an hour following the only instructions for pairing with the base unit and finally found this short blurb after searching why it wasn’t working.

I don’t understand why this product is sold without clear notice of this. Not only was the first doorbell unit DOA. But now my second unit does not function like the rest of the cameras. Really beginning to wonder if I made the wrong decision investing over $1k.

same here :expressionless: this was mistake and I am selling it.
second issue is with notifications. you cant have notifications turned off on the cameras and on on the doorbell…