Connect to new 2k cameras using local storage when not at home?

App works great connecting to new local storage 2k cameras while on home network but can’t get to cameras when away. Assign static camera addresses and open ports on router?
Anyone get remote access to local storage cams working?
I have Foscam cameras and apps that do support this ability to access remotely and locally. But Eufy app doesn’t have ability to support an alternative path to cameras other than using cloud or an expensive SAN device.

This should not be the final solution but it works.
Preferably using DDNS the EUFY APP would provide an alternate path to the home network and you would open ports for each camera.

My temporary solution that works.
Note to find your home from the WWW, you need a home static ip or use a DDNS service like NO-IP.
1-My router supported VPN clients, so selected openvpn and set up a user for remote access.
2-downloaded OPENVPN client for Iphone and set it up to match settings on router user VPN access.
3-used router to create a OPENVPN profile.ovpn file, emailed to myself, grabbed file on iphone and imported to OPENVPN client. This is confusing but once you get the client and router the same it should connect. Good luck here.
4-turned off wifi on phone to use cellular (I’m home) then used OPENVPN app to connect to home router using a DDNS value you set in profile (or if you have a static IP for your home network use that).
Once I was connected via VPN to my home network I could then view my cameras as if I was at home.
NOTE-- I do recommend if your router supports binding the IP to the camera MAC address so your cameras will always have the same IP address on your home network every time they boot. If EUFY gets around to allowing remote access to the cameras from off home network it will be easier to forward traffic to and from the cameras.

Kind of a pain to have to enable a VPN to my house to see the new Eufy 2k cameras with local sd card storage but it works. I have FOSCAM cameras with local storage and the app IPCAMSOFTPRO has both local and remote address settings for each camera. All I needed to use them was to open specific ports on router to specific camera IP address/port and it seamlessly connects me to cameras while home or away. Some thing EUFY should incorporate into their app if they want to sell these great cameras.