Complete security system wish list

It seems hard to find a complete security system, some are camera systems with security features or the other way around, but not many combine all in a system.

So let’s try to describe it.

The following components should be included:

  • motion sensors (available)
  • Door/window sensors (available)
  • Base station to coordinate all (available)
  • Outdoor camera’s (available till 2k)
  • Doorbell (available)
  • Indoor cameras (not available unless you use the expensive outdoor version)
  • Remote to put it on and off (not available). You can use an app, but that is not so convenient for many people. The remote should have 2 zones.
  • Keypad (available), although not my preference.
  • Sirens, indoor and outdoor, although a siren included in the cameras and base station will work as well (partly available)
  • Smoke detectors (not available).
  • CO detector (not that important to me)


  • Detect motion etc and trigger the alarm
  • Trigger all sirens
  • Trigger to start recording to base station
  • Integration with several systems like HomeKit, Google assistant, Hue
  • Set alarm system with zones, e.g. all when you are not home or only downstairs when you are sleeping
  • View cameras
  • Conditional events (if this then that)
  • Email snapshots of people seen by cameras
  • Record video when triggered
  • Sensors based on Zigbee (would be nice). Actually, the 2 years mentioned by Eufy is not that long. With my current alarm system the batteries last 5 to 6 years
  • People and pet detection, face detection for some cameras
  • Interaction between 2 or more home bases.