Compatible for Apple Watch

It would be great if we could receive alerts or even view security footage on our Apple watches


Notifications work. And if they include screenshots (thumbnails) those are visible as well. If you learn to use applewatch zoom… you can really get an idea what’s going on even with the small screen. One of my favorite features of my camera system!

My watch shows thumbnails half the time. The other half it shows “The Apple Watch app only supports Smart Lock control.” No thumbnail when this message appears.

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I have tested this with adding it to the home kit and the Apple Watch allows to review live streams and videos no problem.

has anyone found a fix for this??.. I was using an Apple Watch series 7 and when I got notifications I could tap on it to bring up the live feed but now I have upgraded to an Apple Watch ultra all I get is “The Apple Watch app only supports Smart Lock control.” and if you click on ok a message that says ‘no devices’ appear.

would really like to get this going again :frowning:


I have the same issue, but it used to work and now gives me the smart lock message on the same Apple Watch (Series 6). So, I’m thinking it must have been either a Eufy app update or an Apple Watch OS update. I sure hope someone figures this out!!


Hi. How did you add to HomeKit/ Homebase ? I’ve just updated my I watch and not getting thumbnail or feed as many other posts stated. My old watch used to get thumbnail .