Community Forum Issues I'm Having

Hey, anyone else having issues accessing The forum through the app?

Ever since they updated the server for the forum it’s been showing posts as “new” when they’re like a year old already that haven’t gotten a reply to them. I have it to set to show the latest post…

And now this just started today where I’m only able to see posts from eufy and not the normal user posts. There isn’t even the logon button to sign in and forum page view is total different. Again this is accessing the forum through the app.

Best solution I found is accessing the forum through the web address directly and ignore the app.

Same issue here with IOS.
You are not the only one.

Eufy suggest to log out app and re-log in.
I have not done that yet.

Eufy is playing with their server redirect lnos at thei server.

now it is same on Android app

Plus now I’m able to add pictures to the posts using a web browser instead. Through the app it wasn’t working. Let’s see if they muck that up now…