Coming Soon: Smart Buoy (Leak Detector)

Eufy Security is developing a leak detector… Prepare for Smart Buoy!


  • Model Number: T8791
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.0
  • Apple HomeKit Compatible (implied by QR code)

Note: Information is very limited at the moment, but this post will be updated as time goes on.

Are you looking forward to eufy Security’s first leak detector? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

@Mengdi, this is news.


Wonder how this would work?
Put it on the floor and when there is a leak, the water will pick it up and it will trigger the alarm :joy::joy:

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I would love a water leak detector but I have on question… why the heck does this look like an egg with a stand??

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Is this before or after 2FA is released?

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Who knows. At this point I wouldn’t put it past them to release 10 more products before 2 Factor Authentication is released

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Need to stop calling yourself “security” when you all lack the basic protocols to do so.



How does this work? How much (or how deep) will the water need to be in order for this to alert?

Judging by the delay my doorbells have, my house would be completely submerged underwater before I get a notification. :rofl:

I am in need of a leak detector and I’m so glad Eufy is developing one. My question, like others is, how does this work? I would want to be alerted of water long before it’s deep enough for something like this to be able to float!

My idea is something that sits on the floor and immediately alerts when water is detected. And I need one in multiple locations since we’ve had water intrusion in different places at different times, so it would have to be reasonably priced.

It’s entirely possible if such a thing was invented and worked, we could finally diagnose our water intrusion problem.

Thanks, Eufy, let me know when it’s available!

This was two years ago. Pretty sure we will never see this device.

Two years ago?

Looks like some plays users as April’s fool.