Colour night vision

My night vision live view is now black and white. Anyone else having a problem?

Please explain in more detail what you are taking about.
Which cam is this about? Is it after a firmware update?

It’s the 2k wireless doorbell cam. I’ve been having problems with it either not detecting motion or detecting every fly that goes past, not getting notifications and now if I live view it at night, instead of being in colour, it’s now just black and white night vision.

The hub also keeps going offline for no reason

I’m not sure if there’s been a firmware update or not to be honest but I’ve just realised that the IR isn’t working, so if I turn off auto night vision, I’m getting recordings in colour now with outside residual lighting, but if I turn the auto night vision on, it’s black and white

Must admit I’ve noticed that, if you turn off Auto night vision it goes dark abit but if there’s light you can see the colour more prominently, but turn back on more of a black and white colour